Clinical Negligence

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Clinical Negligence

Medical professionals, including doctors, nurses and surgeons, are under a duty to provide their patients with a good and safe standard of care. 'Clinical' or 'Medical negligence' occurs when Medical professionals fail to meet the minimum standards required by that duty.

Where a patient's injury or death is caused or contributed to by a medical professionals' breach of a duty, the patient or their loved ones may be entitled to claim financial compensation.

Such breaches of a duty could result from a range of circumstances, which include an erroneous or delayed diagnosis, a failure to warn of risks in treatment, careless surgical procedures or delayed referrals.

At Lloyd Rehman & Co, we will give you clear and accurate advice on the merits of your case. Our personal injury solicitors have a track record of success, and if you have a good claim, our lawyers will take your case on a 'No Win No Fee' basis.

Our litigation team specialises in proving liability and we will ensure that you have the strongest possible medical expert evidence to back your claim. We will also evidence the true financial impact that the incident has had on you by obtaining relevant witness statements from your household carers and if necessary, instructing appropriate experts to assist in quantifying your loss.

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