Commercial Law

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Commercial Law

Our role at Lloyd Rehman & Co is to get to know your company inside out, so that we can deal with every legal issue that may arise. Our solicitors have experience in all aspects of company law, whether our client is a small business owner or the CEO of a large thriving business. We provide advice and legal services in the areas of:

  • Commercial property

Anything from a shop or restaurant, to an office building or other investment. Our role is to advise on the suitability of the properties you have in mind.

  • Buying and selling businesses

We regularly negotiate sale and purchase agreements on behalf of our clients. In the case of an acquisition we often advise in conjunction with our client's accountants on the most appropriate business structure for their new ventures.

We act both for employers and employees to seek disciplinary, redundancy and compromise agreements. We always follow any relevant legislation, safeguards and procedures in order to secure the most satisfactory outcome for our clients.

  • Partnership and shareholder agreements

Going into business with another person is fraught with potential minefields. It is always advisable to get everything agreed at the outset. We can draw up a bespoke agreement for your business venture that will protect the interests of all parties.

Above all, we seek to increase the value of your business by conducting your legal affairs efficiently and cost-effectively.

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