Employment Law

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Employment Law

In the current climate of rising unemployment, both employers and employees are becoming increasingly aware of the need for legal assistance and protection.

Whilst some job losses will be inevitable due to companies going out of business, other redundancies and employment disputes will be less straightforward.

At Lloyd Rehman & Co, we are seeing a growing number of employees seeking to pursue claims for unfair dismissal, procedural unfairness, and possible age, race or sex discrimination matters. Employers seeking to defend such claims, or needing advice as how best to proceed, also approach us.

We can assist either Employer or Employee with regard to employment disputes. Where possible we will seek to negotiate Compromise Agreements, or attempt to resolve interpersonal employee conflicts through Workplace Mediation. Other Alternative Dispute Resolution ('ADR') mechanisms may also present a solution, depending upon the situation.

However, should ADR not prove to be a feasible option, we are happy to assist our clients through our extensive experience in pursuing and defending employment litigation.

If you have an employment problem, then please do not hesitate to contact Lloyd Rehman & Co to discuss the matter further.

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