Insurance Law

“I've dealt with Nigel and his colleagues from Lloyd Rehman for many years now on both a personal and a professional level and shall no doubt continue to do so. It is refreshing to deal with lawyers who are approachable and friendly where you don't feel that the clock is ticking every time you need advice.” Pension Advisor

Insurance Law

Disputes over insurance claims arise for a number of reasons. Often there are disagreements between insurers and their clients about certain exclusions from the claim or indeed the validity of the entire claim. Insurance companies will often not pay out if they suspect exaggeration or fraud on the part of the claimant.

Examples of insurance claim disputes include:
  • Public Liability Insurance that excludes claims for defective workmanship
  • Product Liability Insurance where a defective part from a manufacturer has been unwittingly fitted by a third party and ultimately caused damage
  • Seeking recovery from negligent third parties e.g. plumbers, builders or other contractors for damage caused by their negligence
  • Seeking recovery from adjoining owners for damage to property caused by their negligence/ nuisance, e.g. subsidence caused by encroaching tree roots or flood damage
Our Approach to Insurance Litigation

At Lloyd Rehman and Co, we specialise in insurance law and act both for and against insurers. Our forensic approach to insurance litigation has proven to be extremely efficient and cost-effective. As part of that process, we call on appropriate experts to bolster your case, including surveyors, quantity surveyors and engineers. Our team has dealt with many highly complex insurance cases and we are confident we can help you.

Lloyd Rehman and Co is a member of the British Insurance Law Association, a members forum of insurers, insurance brokers, academic lawyers, solicitors and barristers.

The Subsidenceforum We are also members of
‘The Subsidence Forum’, an interdisciplinary group whose purpose is to disseminate knowledge and ideas relating to current thinking with regard to dealing (inter alia) with tree root related subsidence matters.

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Recent Success - NFUM v HSBC

In April 2010, Lloyd Rehman & Co successfully defended a complex and high-value insurance claim against our clients, securing an outright victory in court.

The case involved a dispute between the respective insurers of the Buyer and Seller of a listed property, which had suffered extensive fire damage between the date of exchange and completion.

The Buyers of the property had building insurance cover with NFUM for the period after exchange. The Buyer's insurers settled the insurance claim but sought to recover from the Seller's insurers, namely HSBC. They contended that the respective policies interacted in such a way as to render both insurers liable for the loss, on a pro-rata basis.

Having scrutinised the Insurance Policies, Lloyd Rehman & Co advised HSBC that there was no legal or contractual basis to pay anything to the Buyer's insurers.

At trial, the Defence team successfully established that the Seller's policy did not cover the Buyers and that there was no double insurance. NFUM was then ordered to pay HSBC's legal expenses for their loss.

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