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Probate pricing Information

Applying for the Grant of Probate, collecting in and distributing the Estate

We expect that to administer a simple Estate will take between 20 and 30 hours. Our Senior Solicitors are charged out at £350 per hour plus VAT. Day to day work will usually be carried out by a Senior Solicitor (Tina Bland), overseen by a Partner (Nigel Lloyd) as required. Total costs are likely to range between £7,000 and £10,500 plus VAT and disbursements, but the precise amount will vary from case to case.

Our Team

Nigel Lloyd was an Estate Agent until he embarked upon a change of career in 1987. His background in residential sales and lettings inspired him to gain legal experience in property and litigation as well as insurance litigation, shareholder disputes and contentious and non-contentious probate. He trained as a solicitor, working at several practices in the City and the West End of London before founding Lloyd Rehman & Co. (originally Lloyd & Co.) in 1993. He was admitted as a Solicitor in 1989 and has an MA in Business Law. Nigel is also a trained mediator and has a wealth of experience in participating in mediations within England and Wales. Tina Bland is a Senior Solicitor, formerly had a public law career, experienced in planning and property transactions and all types of civil litigation and probate matters, education law experience including school appeals. She was admitted as a Solicitor in 1994.

Assumptions for a Simple Estate

Only one property (Conveyancing charged in addition).
Three is a valid Will, which is not being contested.
No more than 3 Bank Accounts
No more than 3 Beneficiaries
No Inheritance tax payable.
No Claims against the Estate
All Assets are in England or Wales.
There are no disputes between beneficiaries

Probable Disbursements

Probate Application fee (currently £155 plus £1.50 per additional copy)
Bankruptcy Search against Beneficiaries £2 per name.
Advertisement in London Gazette etc. circa £500.

Possible additional costs

Obtaining grant of Letters of Administration where no valid Will in existence.
Dealing with any Stocks and Shares costs to be advised.
Conveyancing re selling or transferring any Property (cost to be advised separately)

Likely Timetable

Usually, it will take between 8 and 12 months to obtain the Grant, collect the assets, pay liabilities of the Estate and distribute to the Beneficiaries. It can take longer, if for example there is an asset which takes longer to realise such as the sale of a Property.

Ascertaining assets and liabilities, completing and submitting appropriate IHT and Probate forms - 2 to 4 months from date of instruction; HMCTS and HMRC probably take another 2 to 4 months to deal and issue a Grant of Probate. Once grant of Probate obtained a further 2 to 4 months to collect in assets, discharge outstanding liabilities and distribute the Estate.