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“Nigel Lloyd and his firm have acted for us as litigation lawyers and property Solicitors both in English and in Spanish matters for more than twelve years. We rely upon their thoroughness, respect for deadlines and their �no nonsense� approach to all legal matters.” Chairman AIM Listed Plc

Spanish Property And Inheritence

Emigrating to Spain has long been a popular choice for UK residents who want a change of lifestyle. Living in a Spanish villa near the beach has obvious appeal, but there are a number of legal aspects involved in such a move. This is also true for people who are planning to do business in Spain without physically relocating.

One of the reasons why it is of paramount importance for British Citizens and Residents to select the right solicitor for their Spanish move has to do with Spanish inheritance and taxation laws. The process of leaving assets to family or friends becomes more complex when those assets are held offshore.

Local laws in Spain may take precedence over English Law in terms of passing your Spanish property on to your successors after you die. Therefore, it's essential to draw up a Will that is valid in Spain and effectively deals with the specific type of property you intend to pass on. Doing so will ensure that your hard earned assets are safely and lawfully passed on to your loved ones.

At Lloyd Rehman & Co we are uniquely qualified to take care of every legal aspect of your interests in Spain, whether you're a UK-based property investor, or you're emigrating to start a new life. This is because we offer the best of both worlds: a team of UK solicitors working with trusted legal representatives in the UK and in Spain.

We offer advice and assistance with:
  • Buying and Selling Spanish Property
  • Spanish Mortgages
  • Spanish Wills and Spanish Inheritance Law
  • Other Spanish Law Services

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